We are doing our business for many years with a great devotion and we put the name of love by moving it to a different dimension and we want to find love's doors to special people who are looking for passion and elegance.

We blended the most beautiful essences of the world, composed of flowers and plant extracts from nature, with long struggles and tests with special formulas. Our production facility equipped with modern technology of high standards and we have made it a final product in accordance with the hygiene principles of the sensitive production processes and the international standards, then we offered it to the liking of passion and elegance lovers.

We aim to crown the love journey that we started with cologne by variety of non-alcoholic perfume, essence, room perfume and soap .

Apart from Turkey and world wide collective and retail sales, we provide corporate sales service with the products that we have made specifically for your mark.

We aim to carry Bab-ı Aşk to all of the world with franchise points.

Parfüm, latince, kokulu duman anlamına gelen “perfumum” kelimesinden geliyor.

Tarihi ise oldukça eski:

20. yüzyılda parfümler muhteşem şişeleriyle birer sanat eseri halini aldı. Parfümler vücut kokularını bastırmak için değil, kişiliklerin altını çizmek için kullanılmaya başlandı ve çağdaş yaşamın vazgeçilmez bir parçası haline geldi.